The Ultimate Pet ID/Travel Tag – Enhanced (Recommended)

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Lifetime Tag Replacement

When you purchase our optional Lifetime tag replacement service, we will mail you a replacement tag if your tag is damaged. Simply return the product to us and we will mail you a replacement tag.

NOTE: Lost tags are not covered under this service.
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Our packaging is made with 100% recyclable materials

Elevate your pet’s safety and well-being with the Ultimate Pet ID/Travel Tag – Enhanced. This is  not just a tag; it’s a comprehensive information hub for your pet’s health and care, crafted from  lightweight aluminum for your convenience. Plus, it’s suitable for all household pets.  Key Features: 
  • Register extensive pet information: medications, vet contacts, certifications, and more. • Perfect for pet owners who go the extra mile for their animal companions. • Secure your pet’s health records while on the go. 
  • The tag has a laser etched QR codes for cellphone use for lost pets or identification. • Suitable for all types of household pets. 
Invest in your pet’s security and health. Upgrade to the Enhanced tag for just $39.99! Crafted  from lightweight aluminum for your convenience and suitable for all household pets. NOTE: Please retain  your order number as you will need it to register your pet details on the website. Pet information storage is managed by  
The Ultimate Pet ID/Travel Tag operates by providing a multifaceted system that combines  modern technology with essential pet information. Each tag comes with a unique QR code,  which is linked to a personalized online profile on our website. Upon receiving your tag, you’ll  enter this QR code into our website and input vital details about both yourself and your pet. This  information includes medical records, contact details, and any other essential data relevant to  your pet’s well-being.  This integrated approach ensures that all your pet’s informationn is readily available and secure.  It empowers you with a comprehensive tool for safeguarding your pet’s safety and health,  whether at home or during travel. 
The tags are round 1 and 1/10 inches.
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