The Ultimate Pet ID/Travel Tag – DNA

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When you purchase our optional Lifetime tag replacement service, we will mail you a replacement tag if your tag is damaged. Simply return the product to us and we will mail you a replacement tag.

NOTE: Lost tags are not covered under this service.
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Our packaging is made with 100% recyclable materials

Experience the ultimate in pet safety and security with The Ultimate Pet ID/Travel Tag – DNA.  This is not just a tag; it’s a safeguard against uncertainty, and it’s made from lightweight  aluminum for your comfort. Plus, it’s suitable for all household pets.  Key Features: 
  • All the features of our Enhanced tag, plus a revolutionary DNA storage capability. • Preserve your pet’s unique genetic identity. 
  • Assist in verification, health checks, or legal matters with stored DNA data. • Crafted from lightweight aluminum for safe and comfortable playtime with your pet. • Suitable for all types of household pets. 
NOTE: Please retain  your order number as you will need it to register your pet details on the website. The entire process can take up to 45 days as to allow the lab to grow the culture from the sample provided. Pet information storage is managed by We can provide a custom price quote for DNA samples on all other pets. Please fill out our “Contract Us” Form. All DNA samples are non-cloning samples and are stored as genetic markers. Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your pet’s safety and identity. Choose the DNA  tag for ultimate peace of mind, priced at just $99.99 ($149.99 CDN) ! Made from lightweight aluminum for your  convenience and suitable for all household pets.  Upgrade your pet’s protection today with our range of Ultimate Pet ID/Travel Tags. Choose the  level that suits your needs and show your pet how much you care. Order now and be prepared for  any adventure life brings your way.     
The Ultimate Pet ID/Travel Tag operates by providing a multifaceted system that combines  modern technology with essential pet information. Each tag comes with a unique QR code,  which is linked to a personalized online profile on our website. Upon receiving your tag, you’ll  enter this QR code into our website and input vital details about both yourself and your pet. This information includes medical records, contact details, and any other essential data relevant to  your pet’s well-being.  For customers who choose the DNA option, the process becomes even more comprehensive.  You’ll receive a DNA kit consisting of two cotton swabs and a return envelope. Once you’ve  collected the DNA markers from your pet using the provided swabs, you’ll send them back to us.  When we receive the DNA markers, we automatically upload them to your account profile,  making it easily accessible for you to download.  This integrated approach ensures that your pet’s information and, if applicable, their genetic data,  are readily available and secure. It empowers you with a comprehensive tool for safeguarding  your pet’s safety and health, whether at home or during travel. 
The tags are round 1 and 1/10 inches.
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