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Are you concerned about the well-being of your furry friend when you’re no longer around?  Make a commitment to their future with our easy-to-use Pet Estate Will Addendum. Give  yourself peace of mind by ensuring that your cherished pet is cared for in your DIY pet will.  Our pet estate will could save you up to $200 in legal fees.  A Pet Estate Will Addendum, also known as a “codicil,” is a legal form that attaches to your will  or can be a stand alone will. It’s designed to add crucial information, correct any oversights, or  provide supplementary details specifically for your beloved pet’s welfare. With this simple and  effective document, you can take proactive steps to safeguard your pet’s future.  Key Features: 
  • Easy Step-by-Step Instructions. 
  • Multiple Pets? No Problem. 
  • Helps reduce pets from unnecessarily going to overcrowded pet shelters • Available also in Spanish.(disponible en español.) 
  • Suitable for all types of household pets. 
  Downloaded pet wills and caregiver guides are not refundable.
The Pet Estate Will Addendum is a practical tool for ensuring your pet’s welfare when you’re no  longer able to care for them. Whether as an attachment to your existing will or as a standalone  document, it serves to add essential information, correct any potential oversights, or supplement  details specifically for your pet’s benefit. This affordable solution can potentially save you up to  $200 in legal fees, making it accessible to all pet owners. The key features of this Addendum include its user-friendly step-by-step instructions, making it  easy to complete even if you have multiple pets. By using this document, you take proactive  steps to secure your pet’s future, preventing them from potentially ending up in overcrowded  shelters. Moreover, the availability of this Addendum in Spanish ensures that a wider range of  pet owners can benefit from it.  In summary, the Pet Estate Will Addendum empowers you to make a commitment to your furry  friend’s future. It provides a cost-effective and straightforward means to legally ensure their care  and well-being, giving you peace of mind that your beloved pet will be cared for according to  your wishes.  *PLEASE NOTE* You must make a separate addendum (codicil) for each pet in your family.
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